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Kaos Release

Welcome to the unpredictable and boundary-breaking world of Kaos Releases. Inspired by the Greek word “chaos,” this series is dedicated to highly experiential beers that defy norms, challenge brewing rules, and create a sense of controlled disorder in your glass. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary taste adventure that will push your sensory boundaries and challenge your perception of traditional beer styles.

Kaos Release is where our brewers unleash their wildest creativity, combining unconventional ingredients, experimental techniques, and audacious flavour combinations. From barrel-aged wonders to hop-forward masterpieces, each Kaos Release beer is an invitation to embrace chaos and indulge in a sensory revolution. Expect the unexpected, from bold sour expressions to complex and layered profiles that will leave a lasting impression on your palate.

Embrace the chaos with open arms, as each sip reveals a new dimension of flavour and a thrill that can only be found in the daring world of Kaos Release. These limited-edition brews are not for the faint of heart but are destined to delight those who crave adventure in their glass. So, join us on this rebellious journey, break the rules, and experience the exhilarating chaos of Kaos Release.