South African Resources


Craft Beer Association of South Africa (CBASA)

  • Dedicated to unifying and growing the craft beer community in South Africa.
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Beer Association of South Africa (BASA)

  • Represents the main beer manufacturers in South Africa, advocating for the industry.
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BeerEx Africa

  • Major conference and expo dedicated to the beer industry, held annually in Cape Town.
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African Beer Cup

  • Largest beer competition on the continent, recognizing the best beers brewed in Africa.
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Beertime Podcast

  • Podcast dedicated to the beer industry, discussing trends and interviews with brewers.
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On Tap Magazine

  • South Africa’s only dedicated beer magazine, covering local and international beer scenes.
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SouthYeasters Homebrewers Club

Worthog Brewers Association

  • Homebrewers association in Gauteng, offering resources and community for homebrewers.
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Brew Routes South Africa

  • Showcasing South Africa’s craft beer scene, promoting local breweries to tourists.
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South African National Beer Trophy (SANBT)

  • Prestigious beer competition celebrating the best beers brewed in South Africa.
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Beer Boot Camp

  • A week of beer and brewing-related events with a full-day symposium for South African brewers and enthusiasts.
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  • Promotes beer culture and variety in South Africa with initiatives like the Beer Passport.
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International Resources


Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)

  • Certifies and ranks beer judges through an examination process covering brewing aspects, beer styles, and judging procedures.
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Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD)

  • Provides education and training for professionals in the brewing and distilling industries.
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