Philosophy of Smack Republic

Smack Republic is a small batch craft brewery with big dreams. With a desire to create artisan beer, a need to drink, be curious and smash boundaries, together with an intense love for the inner city, Smack Republic Brewing Co. was born!

To us, beer is a form of art, with every nuance of this craft being poetic and oh so glorious. We bring together the world of craft beer and art in the brewery. This is evident in the many different beers we brew, as well as our captivating bottle designs and unique personalities.



The name “SMACK!” has various meanings:

Firstly the word “smack” has a direct relationship with beer – as smack is a slang name for yeast. Yeast is the lifeblood of brewing, (we thought that YEAST! Republic sounded really dodgy!), and SMACK! Republic just made sense to us…

Secondly, SMACK! represents the collision between the old city of JHB, (the history and allure of the JHB city of old), together with the exciting revival that’s happening in the inner city – (the revival and restoration of the city we love).

It is this paradox between the old city allure and new age inspiration that provides the heartbeat of what SMACK! represents. Be different. Drink bold. Forge the future.