White Stouts: Embracing the Unexpected Twist of Flavour and Style

Written by Carne Reed

26 September 2023

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of beer styles, White Stouts stand out as a unique and intriguing category that challenges our expectations. Smack Republic Brewing Co’s Doppelganger White Stout takes this concept to new heights, offering a gold-coloured beer that captures all the flavours of our beloved Newtown Nemesis vanilla bourbon milk stout.

Origin and Characteristics

White Stouts are a modern interpretation of the traditional Stout style. While Stouts are typically known for their dark colour, rich roasted malt flavours, and full-bodied nature, White Stouts defy convention by presenting those same flavours and aromas in a surprising golden hue. This style originated from a desire to capture the essence of a Stout while challenging the visual expectations of beer enthusiasts.

Smack Republic’s White Stout maintains the rich and complex flavour profile associated with a Stout. With an ABV of 5.5% and low bitterness, this beer delivers a balanced and cohesive experience that mimics the characteristics of a traditional dark Stout, despite its unexpected appearance.

Flavour Profile and Aromas

The White Stout experience begins with a bold and vibrant aroma. Fresh roasted coffee takes the spotlight, supported by enticing notes of chocolate and vanilla. The aroma combines with the light grainy and toasty malt, creating a convincing impression of a stout-like malt profile. In the absence of hop aroma, which is typical for a Stout, a subtle fruitiness derived from the fermentation process adds dimension and depth.

On the palate, the White Stout offers a balanced profile of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. The underlying toasty and grainy malt provides a solid foundation for the flavours, which are cohesive and convincing in their intention to emulate a dark beer. A hint of bourbon adds complexity without overpowering the other elements. The medium-low bitterness resembles coffee roast bitterness rather than hop-derived bitterness, allowing the malt flavours to shine. The balance leans slightly towards the malt, but the beer is not overly sweet. It finishes slightly dry, with smooth roasted flavours from the coffee and cocoa lingering on the palate.

Perfect Pairings and Drinkability

Smack Republic’s White Stout is an intriguing beer on its own, but also pairs harmoniously with a variety of dishes. Its versatility makes it an excellent match for lamb or beef roasts, spicy Mexican-style dishes, and cheeses like medium-aged cheddar or crumbly goat cheese. The White Stout’s depth of flavour enhances the dining experience, creating a wonderful interplay of tastes.

White Stouts, being inherently unusual beers, may require an introduction to set expectations. However, their interesting and fun nature, combined with great flavour, balance, and drinkability, make them appealing to a wide range of beer enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned craft beer lover or someone seeking a unique and enjoyable experience, Smack Republic’s White Stout offers a beer that defies convention and promises an unforgettable journey of flavour. Check out the detailed tasting notes and pairing for our white stout here:  Doppelganger Tasting Notes

Embrace the Unexpected Twist of White Stouts

White Stouts continue to captivate beer enthusiasts with their unexpected visual presentation and remarkable flavour profiles. Smack Republic’s White Stout pushes the boundaries of what a beer can be, presenting a golden hue with all the complexity and balance of a traditional Stout.

Embark on an exploration of flavour and style with White Stouts, where tradition meets innovation in the most delightful way. Let Smack Republic’s White Stout be your guide as you savour the surprising combination of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla flavours. As a Johannesburg craft brewery, we think this beer exemplifies our city perfectly – surprising and unexpected, but remarkable. Embrace the unexpected, elevate your craft beer experience, and immerse yourself in the world of White Stouts.

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