Special edition Doppelgänger

White stout 5.5% ABV

Coffee, Cacao, Vanilla all infused into a smooth white stout with added bourbon.

6 x 440ml: Limited Edition Doppelgänger.


Shipping end of November.

Special edition Nut Brown Ale

English style brown ale bursting with toffee and slightly roasted caramel flavours.

Award winner at Clarens Beer Fest.

6 x 440ml: Limited Edition Nut Brown Ale.


Shipping end of November.

Nemesis met his arsehole arch nemesis!

6 x 440ml Beers: 3 x Nemesis Stout and 3 x Limited Edition White Stout Doppelgänger.


Shipping end of November.

Doppel's Nuts

6 x 440ml Beers. 3 x English style Nut Brown Ale and 3 x White Stout Doppelgänger.


meet the Doppelgänger

Special limited addition White Stout – while stocks last!

Meet the Nut Brown Ale

Special limited addition Nut Brown Ale – while stocks last!

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