Bree St Belle

Brewed for perfect balance, this beer is supremely drinkable and refreshing. It is a great accompaniment to most foods with its clean flavour profile and crisp finish. A perfect introduction to craft beer and a reliable go-to for the craft beer drinker.

Maboneng Maverick

Our South African inspired take on this Belgian Farmhouse style, infused with Naartjie and Black Pepper. This beer is highly refreshing yet features subtle complexity of flavour making it an engaging beer. The low bitterness, and dry crisp finish maximise the drinkability and refreshment levels.

Braamfontein Brawler

Our nod to the classic West Coast IPA – this beer is bold and packed with hops. Featuring tropical and citrus fruit notes, backed by toast and caramel malt flavours – this beer has a firm bitterness but is smooth and made to be savoured.

Hillbrow Honey

An easy-drinking pale ale infused with rooibos and orange-blossom honey. The delicate flavour notes make it an interesting drink which remains enjoyable over several pints, while the balance and low bitterness mean the drinking experience remains light and refreshing.

Newtown Nemesis

A rich and satisfying milk stout infused with vanilla and bourbon whiskey. This beer is complex yet smooth with none of the harsh bitterness often present in stouts. A great beer for sipping or pairing with your favourite dessert.

The doppelgänger

A white stout infused with freshly roasted coffee beans, cacao nibs, vanilla and kentucky bourbon giving you a bold and vibrant aroma of fresh roasted coffee supported by notes of chocolate and vanilla all in a stout like malt profile.

The Nut Brown Ale

An inviting mix of toasty, chocolate, and caramel flavours complemented by rich nuttiness. This beer perfectly balances indulgence with drinkability to make for a rewarding experience you will want to come back for time and time again.