Golden Ales: The Gateway to Craft Beer Excellence

Written by Carne Reed

26 September 2023

In the vast and diverse world of craft beer, one style stands out as the perfect gateway to ales—the Golden Ale. With its light and easy-drinking characteristics, Golden Ales have gained popularity among beer enthusiasts seeking a refreshing and approachable craft beer. Tapping into the spirit of the ‘city of gold’ the Smack Republic Brewing Co’s Bree Street Belle Golden Ale is a shining example of this style, offering a well-balanced flavour profile and a thirst-quenching experience.

Origin and Characteristics

Golden Ales trace their origins to the traditional English Pale Ale style. They emerged as a response to the growing demand for lighter and more accessible beers, bridging the gap between the mass-market pale lagers and the more robust ale styles. The Golden Ale style gained prominence in the late 20th century, particularly in the United Kingdom and North America. Very similar to blond ales (often the names are used interchangeably) Golden Ales became popular with craft beer brewers wanting an entry level beer to introduce new customers to the world of craft.

Golden Ales are defined by the pale straw to golden colour from where the name is derived. Smack Republic’s Golden Ale exemplifies this characteristic, featuring a deep gold hue with excellent clarity. Its appearance is further enhanced by a small but creamy white foam, inviting you to indulge in its refreshing qualities.

Flavour Profile and Aromas

When it comes to flavour and aroma, Smack Republic’s Golden Ale offers a delightful experience. The aroma presents medium grainy, biscuity, and honey-like malt notes. There’s a touch of light spicy herbal hop character, complemented by subtle berry-like fruity aromas from the yeast. The result is a clean and inviting profile that entices the senses.

On the palate, our Golden Ale leads with biscuit and honey malt flavours. The light spicy hop notes contribute to a well-rounded taste, while the low bitterness ensures a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience. Hints of berry fruit add a touch of complexity, and the beer finishes crisp and dry, leaving a subtle lingering hop flavour, enticing you to take another sip.

Perfect Pairings and Drinkability

Smack Republic’s Golden Ale is not only a pleasure to drink, but it also pairs wonderfully with a variety of foods. Its versatility makes it an ideal companion for dishes such as burgers, peri-peri chicken, Mexican favourites like tacos and burritos, as well as German sausages and pickles. Our Golden Ale’s balanced flavour profile enhances the complements these dishes, creating a harmonious combination. Check out the detailed tasting notes and pairing for our golden ale here:  Bree St Belle Tasting Notes

The key feature of Golden Ales is their high drinkability. With a medium-light body and medium-low carbonation, Smack Republic’s Golden Ale offers a smooth and satisfying mouthfeel. Its thirst-quenching qualities make it the beer of choice for those seeking a light and refreshing option. The Golden Ale is the perfect bridge, providing the balance and drinkability a pale lager but with hints of complexity to guide the drinker into the wonderful world of ales.

Embrace the Gateway to Craft Beer Excellence

Golden Ales have carved a special place in the craft beer landscape, and Smack Republic Brewing Co’s Golden Ale exemplifies the best this style has to offer. Its balanced flavour, refreshing character, and approachable nature make it an ideal choice for novice and seasoned beer enthusiasts alike.

As a Johannesburg craft brewery, what beer would better represent the ‘city of gold’ than a crisp and refreshing golden ale.

Experience the allure of the Golden Ale—a style that opens the door to a world of craft beer excellence. Let Smack Republic’s Golden Ale be your guide on a journey filled with flavour, balance, and the promise of a great brewing adventure.


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